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Welcome to Animate Animal Health

Animate Animal Health is a proud supplier of quality in-feed solutions. Our philosophy of supplying quality products, backed by outstanding customer and support services, enables livestock producers, feed manufacturers, integrators and veterinarians to focus on the business of providing an ever-increasing demand for safe, affordable meat. Backed by the global experience of Biesterfeld International, we are the perfect combination of animal health and performance.

Animate Animal Health

Cattle and Sheep

Animate cattle and sheep range of products includes high-quality products for growth promotion and disease control. Our flagship product, Salbutamate 10%, is registered for use in cattle and sheep feedlots.  For more information on our ruminant product range… Read more>>

Animate Animal Health


Animate offers a complete in-feed poultry product range. With our knowledgeable team and veterinary consultant’s assistance, we can assist producers in planning and executing a well-balanced anticoccidial and growth promoters rotation program for optimal performance. Read more>>

Animate Animal Health


Animate offers a wide range of pig products, including growth promoters, gut health support and antibiotics. Together with our newly launched beta-agonist, Salbutamate 10%, we will assist you in ensuring that your animals’ general health is well looked after. Read more>>

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