Cattle And Sheep

Cattle and Sheep

Our cattle range of products include high quality products for growth promotion and disease control. With the addition of Salbutamate 10%®, we strive to improve the profitability of our customers together with supplying an ever increasing world population with quality, safe food.



The pig range of products include a wide list of growth promoters to choose from. Together with this, you can ensure that the general health of your animals are well looked after with the antibiotic offering.



Animate offers a complete feed poultry range of products. This enables producers to plan and excecute a well balanced rotation program for both anticoccidials and growth promoters to ensure optimal performance.

Welcome to Animate

At Animate we continuously strive to achieve our goal of providing in-feed additive and other solutions through a carefully developed product range.

This philosophy enables us to make a difference and add real value to the intensive animal health, production and feed industry. We also strive to continuously improve our service as well as our range of products and solutions that we offer.

We are dedicated to being of service to the animal food production chain by assisting livestock producers, feed manufacturers, integrators and veterinarians in improving the performance of the end product. We constantly strive for maximum competitiveness and differentiation in every facet of this industry.

The auditing of all Animate’s suppliers worldwide, which amongst others are certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) guidelines, enables us to meet the highest quality standards. This ensures quality control throughout all stages of the services that Animate provides, i.e. research and development, the manufacturing and supplying of raw active materials and feed additive products. Each product batch is manufactured to exact specifications that underscore the benchmark for our range of registered products.