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Marlien de Kock

Marlien de Kock (Pr.Sci.Nat.)
Sales & Technical Manager
+27 (0)82 602 2038

Marlien de Kock, Sales and Technical Manager at Animate Animal Health, completed her BSc (Agric) Animal Science in 1995 and received her BSc (Agric) Honours in Production Physiology/Animal Science at the beginning of 1997.  She received her MSc (Agric) from the Stellenbosch University in 2019 following her research into the safety and residue kinetics of R-salbutamol in ruminants.

After trying her hand at commodity trading Marlien joined Elanco Animal Health as an Animal Product Specialist in February 1998. Marlien held several different positions within Elanco and was the Brand Manager for all Elanco products at the time that she left in April 2007. During this time at Elanco Marlien specialized in Poultry with emphasis on in-feed medication. Marlien was responsible for the launch of Pulmotil AC (tilmicosin) for which she received an award for outstanding results in 2002. In her role as Brand Manager for the all Elanco products she was responsible for the writing and implementation of Marketing Plans. In 2006 she was recognized with an international award of excellence for developing and implementing marketing strategies for Tylan 100 and Pulmotil AC.

She joined Larrem (Pty) Ltd at the beginning of May 2007 as Marketing Director with specific responsibility in developing natural (organic and Ayurvedic) product applications within the poultry market. In the 2 years that she has been working with these products she has improved the health status and increased production efficiency substantially at her customers.

Marlien has been involved with the Northern Branch of South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) since 2004. She took over as Chairperson in 2007 and organized the Mini Congress for SASAS at Klein Kariba in Bela-Bela in August 2007. She has been elected as Chairperson: SASAS Northern Branch for 2008/2009. Marlien also held the position for Marketing on the Executive Committee for World Congress on Animal Production that was held in Cape Town in November 2008. At this congress she was also elected as council member for the South African Society for Animal Science and will be responsible for Professional Animal Scientists’ affairs.

Marlien joined Animate Animal Health on 2 March 2009. Here she started as Sales and Marketing Manager responsible for product sales and support in the poultry industry. Marlien took on responsibilities for the registration work for Animate as well as trial work performed by the company in 2010. With the departure of Dr Hinner Koster from Animate, she took over responsibility for technical support for the company across all species together with her responsibilities for sales, marketing and registrations.

Since 2010 Marlien also took responsibility for the technical management of our sister company, ASAP Pharmacare, which is responsible for compounding antibiotics in the production animal market. Part of her responsibilities is the monitoring of antibiotic resistance profiles at customers.


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