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Coxiban is used for the prevention of coccidiosis in broilers and replacement pullets (maximum 12 weeks of age).
Coxiban is a remedy to improve mass gain and feed conversion in ruminants and pigs, and to prevent coccidiosis in sheep, goats, calves and pigs.

Registration Number:

Reg. No. G4166 (Act 36 of 1947)


Salinomycin sodium 120g/kg


For Animal Use Only

Include COXIBAN at 500 grams per ton of feed (60 ppm).

Include COXIBAN at 417 grams per ton of feed (50ppm) for replacement pullets up to 12 weeks of age.

Include COXIBAN at 417 grams per ton of feed (50 ppm) for growing pigs and 750 grams per ton of feed (90ppm) in creep rations for suckling pigs. Feed whenever necessary in creep and growing rations.

Complete feeds
Active ingredient: mg salinomycin/kg complete feedCOXIBAN g/ton of complete feed
Sheep / Goats15-20125-167
Concentrates and finishing rations
Quantity salinomycin in final ration (mg active/kg feed)Quantity COXIBAN in final ration (g/ton)
Sheep / Goats15-20125-167
Active ingredient: mg salinomycin/animal/dayCOXIBAN mg/animal/day
Sheep / Goats15-20125-167
Note: Actual levels in the lick must be calculated according to intake.


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