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Zinc Bacitracin 15% Granular

For Animal Use Only
Zinc Bacitracin 150g/kg
Reg. No. G3318 (Act 36 of 1947)

Zinc Bacitracin 15% Granular is recommended for use in sheep, calves, beef cattle, broilers, turkeys and pigs to improve feed efficiency and mass gain. It is also recommended for use in layers for increased egg production.


Sheep 67 – 333g
Calves 67 – 667g
Beef Cattle 67 – 333g
Broilers 67 – 667g
Turkeys67 – 333g
Pigs 67 – 667g
Layers 67 – 667g

For further information regarding warnings and withdrawal times please refer to the Product Package Insert and for product safety information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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